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Since then, it has become the proverbial political hot potato.

And an expensive one at that, costing about 0 million.

Meanwhile, the number of Australians speaking only English at home dropped from almost 77 per cent in 2011 to almost 73 per cent in 2016.

After a marathon, seven-hour partyroom meeting in August last year, the Liberal and National parties voted to take the issue of legalising same-sex marriage to a national poll.

The Coalition can pass the legislation through the House of Representatives, using its slender majority of one vote. The Liberal and National parties need to convince nine senators to support the legislation.

Labor has threatened to block the bill, while the Greens have promised to oppose it.

More than 600,000 Australians were travelling overseas.* NSW remains our most populous state, with 7,480,228 people counted, ahead of Victoria (5,926,624) and Queensland (4,703,193).* The Australian Capital Territory experienced the largest population growth of any state or territory over the past five years, adding more than 40,000 new residents - an increase of 11 per cent.* Greater Sydney is Australia's largest population centre with 4,823,991 people, growing at 1656 every week since the previous Census.* 1.3 million new migrants have come to Australia since 2011, hailing from some of the 180 countries of birth recorded in the Census, with China (191,000) and India (163,000) being the most common countries of birth of new arrivals.* Of all Australian residents, just more than a quarter of people (26 per cent) said they were born overseas, with England remaining the most common country of birth other than Australia.

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However, the proportion of people reporting no religion increased to 30 per cent in 2016 - up from 22 per cent five years ago, and nearly double the 16 per cent in 2001.* Australians are getting older with 664,473 additional people aged 65 and over since 2011.The party has also been privately briefing reporters that it will eventually block the legislation.