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"), jury ("I take Emily's side because you steal all her toys"), and jailer ("Until you can share your robot with James, go to your room").

But sometimes it’s best not to solve the conflict for them.

Whenever possible, take a step back and allow them to look after each other.

If your three-year-old accidentally kicks his baby sister, rather than run to comfort your crying infant, let your toddler try (assuming she isn’t hurt).

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" Even complimentary comparisons risk stirring up hostility.

When you discovered you were pregnant with another child, your first thoughts probably focused on the benefits a brother or sister would bring to your firstborn – not scenes of sibling rivalry.

But tug-of-war toy spats, backseat pinching, and dinner table bickering often go hand in hand with having two or more children.

"), or wishes ("Henry, you really want to play with the fire engine – Sam, you wish you could play with it, too"). For your toddler who is stomping his feet and screaming with rage, you can help by voicing what he's feeling, such as: "It made you really angry when the baby knocked down your blocks.

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Then you can guide them towards a peaceful resolution ("Do you want to pretend there's a fire and play with it together? Let's find a safe place to play with them so it won't happen again." If the fighting has already come to blows, separate them and give them a chance to cool off.Encourage your children to nurture one another: let your older child read a bedtime story to his little sister or ask your toddler if she wants to rub her brother's back before his afternoon nap.

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