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” In the years since, I have become an occasional contributor to the Times, legitimately rather than under mischievous pretenses, and Henry has become a regular contributor to the paper’s Styles section.It’s a better way to get published, if less subversive.The poet referred to the vessel as his “morning mug of memories.” I further remember that I had a sunny colleague named Gina Duclayan submit a story in which she, a newcomer to the city, was riding on the subway when her train screeched to a halt between stations.The wait in the dark seemed interminable until Gina and the friend she was with (in my story) started singing, tentatively at first, their own rendition of Bobby Mc Ferrin’s then-current song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Slowly, the hardened faces of exasperated commuters softened, until, by the time the song neared its end, just about everyone in Gina’s subway car was singing along boisterously. The train suddenly lurched forward and resumed its trip—at which point all the commuters resumed poker faces, as if nothing had happened.I was naïve in thinking that my rig-the-Diary scheme would work.The Times, it turns out, receives hundreds and sometimes even thousands of submissions to Metropolitan Diary each week; my 36 submissions were a mere drop in the bucket.I’ve also been fortunate to immerse myself in the peculiar worlds of Steve Coogan and Martin Short, should you need further light reading in these dark, wintry weeks.January 8, 2014 Link General Posts How to do an article pegged to the first anniversary of the Newtown shootings that is respectful yet not dreary, that reminds us not to become inured to 12/14’s horrors yet is not grisly or strident?

De gegevensverzameling bestaat uit 36.384 personen, vanwege privacy zijn de gegevens van 1.563 personen niet gepubliceerd.

Here are some of the people and things I’ve written about: Johnny Cash. Stories involving a “well-dressed woman” or a “woman of a certain age” 5.

The future of Miami Beach vis-à-vis climate change. It helped, too, that in those days, the Times sent a bottle of Champagne to every reader whose submission was printed; a charming touch.

Bobby Valentino has some explaining to do after a video went viral showing him running out a room belonging to a transgender.

There have been rumors for years claiming that Bobby Valentino is dating a transgender, a claim he denied repeatedly.I’m still not sure if I have the answer, but I wrote an article for Vanity Fair’s December 2013 issue (out now) that approaches Newtown in a different way—by focusing on the lives of some of its residents as they were lived in the 24-hour period before the tragedy occurred.