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After learning that Belle's lies had enabled Marlena to kill Alice, Shawn took off.

When Shawn did not return, Belle continued to hope and pray that it would all work out, but after Jan Spears told her that Shawn had joined the merchant marines, she was devastated.

Although Belle had some minor difficulties with her pregnancy, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl that she and Philip named Claire.

Unfortunately, soon after the baby's birth, Belle began to suffer from postpartum depression, which was only made worse when Claire developed serious health problems.

Eventually, the truth about Belle's paternity was revealed, and Roman and Marlena's marriage fell apart.

In 1998, Belle ate some chocolate that Kristen Blake had poisoned with penicillin.

She and Shawn slept together just once when they got stuck in a barn together, but that didn't stop Belle from walking down the aisle with Philip.

After the wedding, Belle and Shawn met on the roof, and Belle finally admitted that she still loved Shawn and wanted to leave her husband to be with him.

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Belle remained firm in her desire to tell Philip the truth until Philip lost his leg in a land mine explosion.It was only after Jan lost the baby that the truth was revealed, and although it took some time, Shawn and Belle were able to get their relationship back on track.It was again threatened once the two started university when Cassie Di Mera developed an obsession with Shawn.John Black (father) Marlena Evans (mother) Brady Black (paternal half-brother) Paul Narita (paternal half-brother) Donald Jeremiah Craig Jr.

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(maternal half-brother; deceased) Eric Brady (maternal half-brother) Samantha Brady (maternal half-sister) Frank Evans (maternal grandfather) Martha Evans (maternal grandmother) Robert Evans (maternal great-uncle) Samantha Evans (maternal aunt; deceased) Will Horton (nephew; deceased) Johnny Di Mera (nephew) Allie Horton (niece) Sydney Di Mera (niece) Tate Black (nephew) Arianna Grace Horton (grandniece) Trista Evans (maternal first cousin once removed; deceased) Kidnapped J. with Shawn Custodial interference; kidnapped Claire after temporary custody was awarded to Philip Had an affair with Philip while married to Shawn Had an affair with an unnamed man while married to Shawn Belle was born at the Horton Cabin and was delivered by John Black and Kristen Blake.Once her memory was recovered, Belle began dating her best friend since childhood, Shawn Brady.

But even that shouldn't really ruin a person's life.… continue reading »

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