Bind9 not updating zone

18-May-2018 17:16

The available options are * UMS Console - Detach profiles from the thin clients of the search [Configuration Dialog] – Added support to copy a complete session in configuration dialog; * functionality is available for all session types (e.g.RDP, Citrix, ..) * executed via context menu in Configuration dialog - VNC).Hi Folks, if you want to use the Citrix Netscaler or the Netscaler Management and Analytics System 11.01 Build 47.14 together with the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor Platform, this is the way how you get it running.Hello Folks, with a small trick you can strongly improve the login times for Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 in a Xen App/Xen Desktop 7.x environment or if you run into a black screen during the login.Cheers Michael ==================== IGEL Universal Management Suite ==================== Version 5.02.100 Release date: 2016-04-20 HTML version of this readme is available at – New key attribute ‘Unit ID’ added to thin clients; the unit ID is a unique identifier for a thin client.It is set to the MAC address for all currently supported devices – Apache Derby Driver updated to version – DB schema change: Table ADDITIONAL_SYSTEM_INFORMATION replaced by HARDWARE_INFORMATION – tested lx versions ==================== Known Issues: ==================== [High Availability Feature] – Load balancers fail to upload the log files to UMS if support info is created. ==================== New features: ==================== [UMS common] – Added automatic UDC license deployment; configure an IGEL Thin Client (UD LX / UDC v5.09 or higher) to be a ‘UDC automatic license deployment server’ on setup page IGEL Setup - Enable Automatic UDC License Deployment.– Fixed: Empty error message while opening Browser Session via Session Summary in configuration dialog – Fixed configuration dialog issue with Postre SQL database: configuration could not be saved, if values of fix instances were changed.– Fixed permission issue for display page: page permission for display page did not take effekt on UD LX / UDC devices prior to 5.08. – Fixed: Adding Browser Session with legacy LX Firmwares – Fixed time zone configuration issue: It’s possible to use template keys in WES profiles for timezone parameter on page Sytem - Date and Time – Fixed: Path to some parameters were highlightet in green even if there was no template pattern set for the parameter.

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We reduced the login time for a User from more than 40 seconds to less then 20 seconds without any negative impact, so it’s worth to try it out.It’s no longer necessary to configure the HA database manually when an additional server is added to the network.[Installer (linux)] – Added installer option to create menu items for “UMS Console” and “UMS Administrator” on Linux operating systems.[Console, common] – Fixed ‘User manual’ link in help menu; link points to UMS 5 manual now – Fixed crash in Log and Event Messages dialog with large databases: dialog would not open in environments with more than about 1000 thin clients.

– Fixed: The UMS database administrator was not allowed to manage the public holidays (UMS console-Manage public Holidays) – Enhanced thin client panel layout: assignment panel width is preserved if thin client selection changes – Fixed: assigned thin clients on firmware updates dissapear if a firmware update is selected and F5 is pressed – Fixed: license creation from smartcard fails if the license contains Addon Multimedia Codecs 2 or Addon Multimedia Codec AAC [Thin clients] – Fixed: Asset id field showed the same value as the serial number field.

[Console, administration section] – Fixed server actions in administration section, UMS Networt, Server: stop service and start service actions in context menue of the UMS server are available in an HA environment only.