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every day." "That morning I was checking roll and she wasn't there,'' Plummer told

"I was thinking, 'She's here somewhere' and I continued thinking that, but as more days went by, it was apparent something bad had happened." Something bad did happen, though to this day, no one knows for sure the details of what is believed to be the last hours of her life.

In February 2010, Paulus van der Sloot died of a heart attack, which many attribute to the stress of the case and the implications of his involvement.

The following month, van der Sloot contacted Beth Holloway's lawyer with an offer to show them the location of Natalee's body and tell them how she died in exchange for 0,000 with a down payment of ,000.

Van der Sloot was arrested in Chile, and deported to Peru. He was later indicted on the charges on June 30, 2010.

The investigation was temporarily reopened in 2008, but the court system deemed again there wasn't enough evidence to charge van der Sloot.

On June 22, 2005, van der Sloot's father, Paulus, too was arrested.

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However, repeat victims may believe that their subsequent victimization was in retaliation for reporting the initial crime, even where intimidation was not the motive.[1] Citizens who witness or are victimized by crime are sometimes reluctant to report incidents to police or to assist in the prosecution of offenders.† Such reluctance may be in response to a perceived or actual threat of retaliation by the offender or his or her associates, or may be the result of more generalized community norms that discourage residents from cooperating with police and prosecutors.†† In some communities, close ties between witnesses, offenders, and their families and friends may also deter witnesses from cooperating; these relationships can provide a vitally important context for understanding witness intimidation. "Reasons for Reporting and Not Reporting Domestic Violence to the Police." Criminology 40(3): 617-647. … continue reading »

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