Are you dating an abuser

16-Mar-2018 21:55

are you dating an abuser-71

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Male privilege operates on an individual and societal level to maintain a situation of male dominance, where men have power over women and children.Men’s violence against women is a consequence of the inequalities between men and women, rooted in patriarchal traditions that encourage men to believe they are entitled to power and control over their partners.Whilst the risk of staying may be very high, simply leaving the relationship does not guarantee that the violence will stop.In fact, the period during which a woman is planning or making her exit, is often the most dangerous time for her and her children.touching, rape, verbal harassment, making you do sexual things without consent that may hurt, make you feel ashamed, or bad, making you feel guilty if you say no to sex, not using contraception when you ask them to Family violence can happen to anyone.

These can be warning signs that physical abuse may follow.Regardless of whether physical abuse has occurred or not you are being abused, and your safety could be at risk.