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The Sun newspaper wrote a reply to Mrs Kirchner, published in Argentine newspapers, pointing out British sovereignty over the Falklands dates back to 1765.

The islanders are due to vote on sovereignty in a referendum on March 10 and 11.

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17.033 of 20 November 1998 on the Maritime Spaces of the Republic of Uruguay Treaty between Uruguay and Argentina concerning the Rio de la Plata and the corresponding maritime boundary, 19 November 1973 (entry into force: 12 February 1974; registration #: 21424; registration date: 17 December 1982; link to UNTS) Exchange of notes constituting an agreement between the Argentine Republic and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay entrusting the Rio de la Plata Administrative Commission with the delimitation of the boundary between Martin Garcia and Timoteo Dominguez Islands, 18 June 1988 (entry into force: 18 June 1988; registration #: 26339; registration date: 29 November 1988; link to UNTS) Exchange of notes constituting an Agreement between the Government of Brazil and the Government of Uruguay on the definitive demarcation of the sea outlet of the River Chui and the lateral maritime border 21 July 1972 (entry into force: 12 June 1975.

But they also claim Uruguay would be within its rights to start negotiations with the UK and Argentina about proposals to divide up the disputed territory.