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The other teams held their position until Ed announced that the dogs were asleep and they could proceed. Headlights suddenly flipped on temporarily blinding her.Sam called her name frantically a second time as the vehicle lurched forward.Smart my imagination with a scene that I thought I was going to work into Growing Up Too Fast.It's not fitting in right so I thought I would do a one shot for it so maybe I could concentrate on GUTF again.Moving stealthily they divided up to their three groups as soon as they noticed that the electricity had gone out to move to their designated entry points.Clutching their assault rifles close to their chests, Sam and Jules lightly ran up the driveway.

Hopefully surprise will be on our side and we can take down without incident but you are clear to return fire if fired upon."Julianna "Jules" Callaghan checked her assault rifle and her flashlight. " The pics were taken by Marc Levy, and more of his images from the event can be seen here. Join Amy Jo Johnson at the Evansville Civic Theatre as she screens her film that she wrote, directed, and acted in!This takes place just after Good Cop, like maybe a couple of days. Disclaimer: The show Flashpoint and its characters were created by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern and belong to them and its perspective networks.

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I am making no money off this story and it is for entertainment purposes only."If we leave it going, they'll see us before we get in the yard.