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17-Mar-2018 04:28

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He will be coming to visit me soon in South Africa all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. We will keep you posted hoping it will end up as a good story. My name is Doug and I signed onto Pozmatch around Jan 10th. Your site is very important to me and I enjoy the meeting of new friends since I live alone and am single for 13 yrs.

By Jan 19th a handsome member sent me an e mail and we got together on Jan 21st for a first date. I have met some wonderful people through your system and maybe my potential soul mate.

9 august 2013, men blev deaktiveret 2 november 2016 og var dermed aktivt i 3.24 år.

Domænet kan nu registreres, hvis du er interesseret i domænet kan du klikke her.

I have met a few very nice guys and am communicating on a "serious' level w/ one now. There are so many people out there who sometimes just need an ear to listen to their issues, and it makes their day. You don't know how valuable your service is to others.

I placed an ad on your site back in September and have received many responses.

Although I tried to answer everyone that wrote to me it became impossible to do that considering the volume of mail....

I have met some great people on this program and I can only say it has lifter my spirits up in many ways.

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Don't worry about the technical things in life and always know how important you are to us especially me. Hey guys, I'm not sure who ultimately was responsible for creating "" but THANKS SO MUCH FOR CREATING IT AND CONTINUING TO OFFER THOSE OF US WHO ARE HIV TO HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE TO GOING TO "THE BARS" TO TRY AND FIND HOPEFULLY A DESCENT MAN/WOMAN WHO WE BOTH HAVE A COMMON BOND AND HOPEFULLY IN THE END A LONG TERM COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE SYMPATHETIC WITH THOSE WHO ARE HIV AND REALIZING DESPITE BEING HIV WE ALL STILL NEED TO BE LOVED AND FEEL THAT SOMEONE CARES ABOUT US BOTH ON A "PHYSICAL" LEVEL AS WELL AS A "MENTAL LEVEL"!!!!!!! as a health care worker I see the pain and isolation we go through everyday, and only by standing up can we become empowered by sad to say sometimes our own acceptance.

Everybody is special flower that is rare and need to be treated gentle.